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23145 Buck Neck Rd
Chestertown, MD 21620

Phone: 410.846.4625
Fax: 410.778.3395

Business Hours:
8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST


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    Current Models

    When Post began building boats back in 1957, they were hand built of wood. Though the hull and topsides are now constructed of low maintenance fiberglass, Post's interiors remain flavored with the finest hand-fitted joinery in the industry, widely imitated yet rarely challenged.

    After the hand-laid hull is completed and the structural bulkheads are installed, Post craftsmen begin the painstaking process of building the interior, piece by piece. Instead of modular construction favored by mass production builders, where major components are built outside the boat then dropped in and tabbed in place to join structural members, all Post Yachts, are stick-built. Solid wood framing is secured within the boat with mechanical fasteners and high strength adhesives. Walls, bulkheads, bunk bases and cabinetry are then fastened to these mounting points, creating an incredibly strong structure that resists creaking, working and leaking. When you inspect the a Post Yacht, note the fit and finish of the joinery. Open and close each door and locker and observe how well things come together. Study the fine wood interior, and you’ll appreciate the beauty of the matching grain that makes the joinery appear seamless.